A Place for Creating Performances


A studio for the creation of all types of performing arts

Unlike most rehearsal studios in Japan, Ryogoku Bear has a fully sprung dance floor, so that any sort of athletic movement is possible without the risk of long term injury to the knees and shins that comes with harder floors. It is then covered with a dance linoleum. The difference is noticeable just by walking across the floor.

Perfect for theater or dance rehearsals, intimate performances, film shoots, lessons, etc.

High Speed WiFi available on Site!

Sprung floor under construction

Included Equipment:


  • Powered Speakers: (4) Behringer B210D
  • Mixer: (1) Yamaha MW12c
  • CD/DVD Player: (1) Revo DVP-867W


  • Folding Chairs (12)
  • Folding Tables (4)
  • Folding Stools (27)
  • White Board 600X900mm (1)
  • Movable, frameless mirrors 1200 X 300 (15)

Studio Rental Rates

Time slots Weekdays


[1] 9:00-13:00 ¥4,600 ¥5,600
[2] 13:30-17:30 ¥5,600 ¥7,200
[3] 18:00-22:00 ¥7,200 ¥8,200
Full day rate ¥16,000 ¥20,000
Weekly Rate ¥107,000

In order to keep the costs as low as possible, Ryogoku Bear is set up to be used without the need of on site management by issuing digital keys that can be used only during the period that is booked. This requires the person booking the space to go through an orientation, review the process of using the digital keys, how to use the space and its equipment, and sign a contract for use. For full details download the terms of service below.

Download Terms of Service*

*Japanese only

Introducing Ryogoku Bear’s Low Cost Performance Plan

Artists & performers can try out their ideas in this intimate space with an easy to use and low cost basic lighting sound and seating plan

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